Sound Recording

Recording Drums

Recording drums is something that must be performed with great precision. Correct tunning, correct placement of the right microphones is a must to achieve a good final result. These are details that will be refined according to the genre and feel of the song. The arrangement and playing remains the most important thing, and our experienced drummer will take care of that. Regardless of whether we’ve done the whole arrangement, you can send your song with virtual drums or none at all, and we’ll arrange and record the appropriate drum part that best suits the song.

Vocal Recording

Vocals are the most crucial element in many popular songs, and therefore, they should be presented in the best possible way right from the recording stage. Achieving this involves the careful selection of a microphone and preamplifier. At Pangura Music Studios, we utilize analog compression during recording for additional coloration and a more pleasant direct monitoring experience for the performer, leading to better performances (a technique widely used in many American studios). With a completed bachelor’s degree in pop and jazz vocal performance, we offer vocal coaching during the recording process to optimize the final product. Additionally, we provide assistance in creating vocal harmonies.

Recording of Other Instruments

In the studio, we have a wide selection of microphones suitable for various vocal tones and most acoustic instruments. We also have DI boxes and guitar amplifiers for recording electric guitars and bass.If you wish, you can use our collection of instruments, which includes: banjo, ukulele, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, several electric guitars, trumpet, harmonicas, block flute, bass, drum set, and more.