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My name is Pencho Tsochev, 15 years ago I entered the vast universe of music when I started playing guitar. I started composing music when I was 12. I have a bachelor degree in Jazz and Pop performance art. Since I’ve started my studying I’ve been drawn to music engineering and production and it became my greatest passion. I also play piano, banjo, harmonica, bass, ukulele, trumpet. I’ve studied music theory, Jazz harmony, arranging with professor Veselin Koichev. I apply all of my skills, learnings and a huge dose of love in every project we make at PANGURA Music Studios.

Welcome to PANGURA Music Studio - your creative sanctuary in the heart of Plovdiv!

Your musical journey begins here, in our innovative studio in Plovdiv. Just imagine – you, the talented musician, with your own song idea or the desire to create something extraordinary. At PANGURA Music Studio, we offer you an exceptional experience intertwined with key stages that shape your musical masterpiece:


Composition and Arrangement:
Together, we will build your musical story, starting with composition and arrangement that not only reflect but also captivate.


Recording Technology:
In our studio in Plovdiv, we have a diverse range of recording technology ensuring that every nuance of your performance is captured with maximum quality. We also provide an array of acoustic and electric instruments.


Microphone Selection:
We carefully select the most suitable microphone that complements and enhances the uniqueness of your voice.


Processing, Mixing, and Mastering:
Professional processing, mixing, and mastering ensure the perfect sound that will shine in your music.


“PANGURA music” Label and Distribution:
Once the project is complete, we offer you the opportunity to release it under the label of our studio, “PANGURA music”. This guarantees broad distribution of your creation across all music platforms.


PANGURA Music Studio in Plovdiv – where your music ideas become reality. Reach out to us and start your musical journey with us, where the studio is your creative home.


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